Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I haven't posted much lately...

but that's mainly because I've been posting updates on Facebook. It seems I've hit some crazy string of bad luck theft. Last week I went to get out my Autumn decor and found my whole storage locker had been cleaned out- Christmas tree, wrapping paper, handmade projects my daughter had done, the works.

I go to class the next day, get home during break and find one of my packages sitting in front of my door (my building is controlled entry). The bag was open with a note stapled to it saying my neighbor had found it sitting in the entry opened up. Nothing was stolen though- guess they didn't want my fabric napkins or portable sewing machine. I talked to the UPS guy myself. He said he left it in the entry but that it wasn't open when he left it there.

The next day I decide to check up on some of my packages. I find out one was delivered and signed for by my landlords a few weeks back. I talk to them and it seems that it's missing now too. Even better, my landlord is trying to skip the blame for it, acting like they always watch when people come in to grab their packages. The last time I went in and picked one up I was able to go through every package, grab mine, and leave. They didn't even get up from their desks or watch. (At the time I thought they must just trust me. Guess it's really not me- it's them.)

Now this morning I woke up to a call from Visa Fraud Prevention. Someone swiped my debit card info online and made 3 $200 purchases at 5 am (about $600 total). Now I get to jump through those hoops too.

Oddly enough I don't even feel too angry about all of this anymore. It's kind of amusing now... in a dark humor sort of way.

Eh, life is fleeting. So are possessions it seems.


  1. Man that sucks! I'm so sorry to hear its all been happening to you.

    I've had one package stolen and another rummaged through before so I know how much that sucks.

    Your landlords are lazy by the way. At least when mine sign for it when I go to pick it up they actually go get it and hand it to me.

  2. Yeah they are. I'm moving when my lease is up. I'll be ready to transfer my college credits then anyways so I'm done worrying about it.