Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Sweet Deal

Here is my favorite deal this week. I happened to be in the mood for some shopping today so I made a trip to Target. I got all of this for $73.62 before tax. Now, that may not sound like much of a deal but almost every item on this table was on sale or clearance. I bought...
  • A New Floor Lamp- $50 value
  • 8 lbs of Crystal Cat Litter- $11 (I know it may not be eco-friendly but the alternatives stink. Literally, I've tried them.)
  • One Gallon Pet Self Watering Bowl- $11 value
  • Clorox 2 Bleach- $7 (To clean clothes for resale=Money Maker)
  • Barbie- $10 value (Not for Am btw)
  • 4 Square Dinner Plates- $20 value
  • 4 Square Salad Plates- $15 value
  • 4 100% Cotton Napkins- $8 value
  • Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner- $5 (Because I'm not the best maid on the planet)
  • Size 4T Long Sleeved Shirt- $4 value (This one is super cute I might add.)
  • Size 3T Rain Jacket- $10 value
  • 100% Recycled Doormat- $5 value
  • 3 Pack of Loofahs- $4
Aaaand, the total value for $73.62 was...

*drum roll please*


...Okay, so maybe it's not the best deal I've ever received but a lot of these were things I really wanted or actually needed. With that in mind getting more than 50% off my total really isn't bad at all.

Oh, and this is for the Steals and Deals weekly link up.


  1. Wow. You did good. I LOVE a bargain.

  2. Yeah, I guess Target has a lot of their summer stuff on clearance. Example: Those $8 fabric napkins were only $2.

  3. Target rocks for clearance deals! My son has that same "go green" shirt. He loves it cuz it's a monster. Lol

  4. Thanks for sharing your awesome deal! Please email me at ajcmeyer at go dot com with your snail mail so I can get the dvd Frosty Friends out in the mail to you!

    Abby from Steals and deals