Sunday, November 22, 2009

Faerie Muffins

We've been having quite a few days at home lately while I've been waiting for my new-to-me car to arrive in the cities. We decided to try out a new experiment by making some muffins to thank our resident faeries... and their furry friends of course.

Faerie Muffins
(altered recipe from "EcoArt")

Step 1: Get out your ingredients- 1/4 c Melted Tahini (or any nut butter), 1/4 c Melted Peanut Butter, 1 c Birdseed, 2 1/2 c Cornmeal, & 3/4 c Melted Shortening.

Step 2: Put on appropriate cooking apparel and wash hands.

Step 3: Set up your station. This includes measuring items, a bowl, spatula or spoon, and a muffin tin or two.

Step 4: Measure and add your ingredients.

Step 5: Stir well.

Step 6: Using spoons or hands, "plate up." Pack your mix into the containers, pressing down to tightly pack. (Note- Ignore the strings. That part didn't work quite so well.)

Step 7: "Bake" in the freezer or fridge for a day or two, until ready.

Step 8: Set out your finished muffins for the faeries to enjoy! ^^

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  1. You have a great little baker. What a fun idea!