Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday's Nature Table- Breakfast with Nature Santa

I think I've come to the conclusion that my "good" camera must be buried in a box or in my room somewhere. I'm going to apologize in advance for the cell phone pics. We do what we can, right?

(Update: Found it!)

Remember that nature center I mentioned awhile back? Well, Am is finally old enough to attend their weekly preschoolers group. This was a special event though- Breakfast with Nature Santa, only $3 per person!

It started with the leader of the preschool group telling us all about the animals in the forest.

Am watched patiently while she explained how to make some special tree ornaments for the birds.

The first craft (not pictured) was spreading half of a bagel with vegetable shortening then pressing it into a tray of bird seed. The second involved cheerios, fruit loops, and pipe cleaners.

It didn't take Am long to figure out how to do the second one. Parent's Tip: This is a great seasonal toddler craft to play with small motor skills and beadwork.

At one point everyone crowded around the wall to wall glass windows and got to see a great big owl swoop down right in front of them. There were so many people we weren't able to see but Am didn't mind. Around that point Nature Santa made his entrance past the birding area. He had a helper to grab the door and a great big wooden staff. He was actually pretty much Father Christmas, the European version of Santa.

Everyone sat down then and Santa read them the story "A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree." He interacted with the children during this, asking questions and responding to their answers.

Still, the story was a bit long for Am so she decided to check out animals while everyone else was distracted.

The turtles were actually moving and swimming that day. Normally they just kind of sit there, sunning themselves. I guess one still was.

After Santa finished his story we all went to eat breakfast. It was pretty tasty. For $3 we got all of the entertainment, pancakes, syrup, butter, half a banana, a slice of orange, and our choice of juice, coffee, or cocoa. Not a bad deal. Santa had his own special spot for anyone who wanted to sit on his knee or take a photo with him.

Am is still in her shy around Santa stage but we got a nice look at him and he talked to her for a bit.

On the way out we decided to hang our bagel ornament for the birds. I figure the squirrels have enough food at home.

In the end another fun trip was had by all at our local nature center. ^^


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  2. What fun you guys had! I love how her bird treat turned out :D Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

  3. Neat post! Love the bagel. I'm going to start following your blog. :)

  4. Thanks guys! I'm sure we'll be doing more posts with this center in the future. We love it there. Plus they're having a New Years bonfire that sounds like fun. Gotta love giant fires! ^__^