Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Found My Camera!!!

Yes, I finally found it! It turns out it was hanging in my mesh tiered kitchen basket in the corner. I am very happy now. It reminds me of something someone said once (don't remember who): Imagine you lost all of your possessions. Then imagine you found them again. Imagine how happy you would be.

Quite true.

So anywhozzles, here are a few quick craft packages I just whipped together.

Tip 1: Always save your gifted supplies. Here the cellophane bag came from an item in one of the two sampler sets I buy- The Sampler & Out of the Box Samplers. The cord was recycled from the handles of a paper gift bag. I simply unknotted it and placed it with my cloth supplies. The bag itself was cut and turned inside out to be used for gift wrap. More on that later....

Tip 2: When you don't already have it, make it. The white tag behind the soap? That's the inside of a cardboard box. I guessed at the size of the bag and cut two pieces. Then I flipped them so the plain inside was shown and used rubber cement to glue them together. After that I trimmed any sides that needed it. I used a permanent marker to write out the label.

Tip 3: Little dots on the end of your letters disguise plain handwriting. I learned this tip from another crafter. If your handwriting is like mine you'll need all the help you can get.

Refer to Tip 1: This box originally held a piece of jewelry and had writing on the inside. I used some plain Christmas label stickers I bought off of to cover that up and add my own message instead.

Oh, and in case you guys are wondering, the soaps are wrapped in your average plastic wrap. It's not eco-friendly but it's what I had on hand. Twist to tighten it in the back, hold down and trim the end. Secure with a sticker or tape. I used some card seals for mine, also bought on

Never underestimate the ease and cost of those handmade gifts. Keep reading and I'll try to post the tutorial for the soap this weekend. It's just as simple as this packaging. ^^

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