Monday, December 14, 2009

The Lack of Posts

So, maybe you've noticed I haven't been posting much lately other than lists. Well, it just so happens I've misplaced my camera. I had a bunch of a tutorials I had wanted to put up but now I can't until I find the drned thing. So, what's a mum blogger to do?

Go back and write about more sales of course.

I've been noticing some really cool lightning deals on Amazon lately. I've decided I'll try to do a daily list of the ones I personally like. I try to steer more towards nature-related or non plastic toys, good movies, and low priced clothing because frankly I can't afford organic cotton and don't have the time or energy to shop thrift stores with Am. She tends to throw fits there.

So if you're into those sorts of deals you'll definitely want to check back. All times posted will be in central time because that's my own time zone and I'll likely be trying to catch these deals too.

Happy Holidays guys!

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