Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I'm not sure if last night's post made much sense or not. I was tired and on caffeine when I wrote it. I'm still tired and groggy right now or I'd go back and check it. Oh well.

I was up last night, couldn't sleep (see caffeine reference above) and I got to thinking- "OMG I am NEVER going to be able to afford my own house" and "Is it better to decorate my apt in a geeky style or natural style?" which lead to "Why am I so caught up in buying organic stuff anyway? Shouldn't I be saving my money?"

I know that's a collection of run on sentences but bear with me here. After asking myself those questions and a few others I was still awake at 2 am., still could not sleep. I decided to take a look at where I stand.

Now, normally I don't do resolutions. I think people tend to break them so it seems to defeat the purpose. I guess I'll make an exception this year.

For 2010 here are the goals I'd like to work on:
Do 1 mom craft every week
Use 1 River Cottage recipe every week
Do 1 craft with Am every week
Find a simple exercise & yoga routine to do with Am
Get out of the house with Am at least 4 days every week- especially important when considering homeschooling
Create a cleaning schedule & stick to it
Get rid of extra stuff- sell, use for craft materials, or throw away (freecycle if need be)
Eliminate my hardwired shopping urges & save money
Stay in college and work towards a degree
Focus on healthy eating and spending, organic is good but only if there are deals (in other words, I like organic but the house savings, emergency fund, and student loans need to come first)
Keep using Waldorf principles at home when possible
Model compassion- volunteer/do something kind for a stranger once per month
Focus on the deals that matter- cut out Walgreens & CVS trips

I think there's more but really, I just got up. I'll try and update the list later if I think of anything else.

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