Monday, December 28, 2009

Some Quick Pics

I actually got some stuff done yesterday. I don't care if it's not Wednesday. I want to show it now!

The picture quality isn't 100% but I taught myself to hand stitch again and popped out this little tote from one of Am's shirts. It took mayyybe 10 minutes. I used this tut.

I knotted one of the leftover sleeves to make a simple doll's hat.

I cut off the lower half of this bear & pulled out the stuffing except for the head (to save & make T shirt pillows later). Then I stuck his head on a stick and tied it with some repurposed rope. Meet our new stick puppet.

My table after coming home

My table after a quick clean- much better!

This is just a bowl with some epsom salt in it. I grabbed an incense holder & tea light to throw on top along with a little fake flower ring for the bottom- instant centerpiece. Can't remember where I got the idea so yeah, thank you nameless creative person who is not me. ^^

This one actually is a work in progress. It's January's nature table. Santa brought Am some homemade dyed play scarves & lacing beads for Christmas. I expect we'll find more stuff to add as time goes on.


  1. I think this is my first time ever seeing your daughter. She's so pretty!

    Hmm I think I'm going to come live with you for about a week do you can teach me how to be creative like you constantly are with what you have!

  2. Thanks! I don't really come up with the ideas on my own much. Mostly I just read about them and remember them half a year later or so.