Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waldorf Basics

If you ever check out my shelfari widget you may have noticed I'm in the process of reading "Beyond the Rainbow Bridge."

I'm on Chapter 3 now. One thing I read about yesterday was the importance of rhythms. As of today I've decided to start incorporating some verses into our daily routine. It goes something like this:

Wake Up - Morning Verse
Breakfast - Mealtime Blessing
Lunchtime - Mealtime Blessing
Afternoon Quiet Time & Storytime - Faeries of the Storytime
End of Quiet Time - Afternoon Verse
Snack - Mealtime Blessing
Dinner - Mealtime Blessing
Before Bed Storytime - Faeries of the Storytime
Bedtime - Brahm's Lullaby, Classical Lyrics

It also talked about how children feel safety through routines. They're more likely to learn the days of the week based on what you do that day, rather than the name itself. Basically this means it's helpful if you pick an activity to distinguish each specific day. I made a chart for mine and hung it over our waste/recycling bins. This is what our weekly routine looks like:

Sunday - Yoga Day
Monday - Laundry Day
Tuesday - Needlework Day
Wednesday - Art Day
Thursday - Shopping Day
Friday - Game Day
Saturday - Vacuum Day

The point isn't to revolve your whole day around the activity. It's just to make sure the day is easy to anticipate. For instance on Monday we change all of our sheets and linens. We always do a few loads of wash that day. We don't sit around just doing laundry though. Some people have painting days but we have a variety of crafts on Wednesday depending on what I feel like doing. Just pick the activities you're most likely to enjoy together. It could be toy rotation, playdough day, baking day, or more. It's about what works best for you and your family.

Anyways, if you want to add any of those verses I mentioned into your routine you can check out this video. I didn't make it. I'm just posting it since these are what I'm using.

Brahm's Lullaby
Lullabye, and good night
With roses bedight
With lilies o'erspread
Is baby's wee bed.
Lay thee down now and rest.
May thy slumber be blest.
Lay thee down now and rest.
May thy slumber be blest.


  1. That is Kristie from Earthschooling :D And yes, "Beyond the Rainbow Bridge" is a wonderful book. Sounds like you are getting a lot out of it. Enjoy this special time with your little one!

  2. Beautiful post! I love your weekly rhythm and the lullaby.

  3. Thanks, it's been a bit hard to keep to the rhythm but we're still making small steps forward.