Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best Deal This Week: Kashi Cereal

I found out about this from Organic Deals & Coupons. Right now amazon is running a sale on Kashi products. When you buy $49 worth it'll take off $15 from your total. Do the subscribe and save for an additional 15% off. I usually cancel any subscriptions after my items ship.

I did the math based on price per ounce. The best deals I found were the Island Vanilla & Cinnamon Harvest cereals. I bought 3 4-packs of vanilla bringing my total after sales to $29.49 w/free shipping. That's $2.46 per box or $0.14 per ounce!

In case you're thinking that's a lot of cereal remember, stocking up is useful for both your wallet and disaster preparation/financial emergencies. I keep a bunch cereals in my pantry organized by expiration dates. Whenever I get a large load like this I make sure to alternate the cereals in when their turn comes up in the dates. In our house we only keep one box of cereal open at a time. It's usually gone in a week. That would mean I'd switch every other week with this cereal and whatever else is in there. This helps a lot to keep us from getting burned out.

Both cereals got good reviews by the way. I'm looking forward to doing my own personal taste test.

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