Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daily Change - A New 2010

I didn't write about this before, mainly because it didn't occur to me until last night, but I do have something I'd really like to do this year. I'd like to clean my home from top to bottom and turn it into a place filled with creativity and comfort. If I had to choose one resolution to make that would be it. Rather than focus on changing my weight or some other thing I want to fine tune my art & transform the house from a sty (on its bad days) to a brand new creation. I've already started on the creating bit. Here's where the cleaning comes in. Every day I'd like to post a before and after. This can be a project or a tut if I see fit. Otherwise it might just be a picture of a shinier space.

I'm starting with the kitchen, the most important place to start when cleaning. I say this not because we're meant to spend all of our time in this room but because a lack of cleanliness can make you, your family, and guests sick- literally. You get can get food poisoning or attract pests or something.

Admittedly I am lazy. If I weren't then the house would have been spotless all along. I'll be taking it one step at a time.

Today's step was to clean down the counters, outer cabinets, and the walls behind the counters. I pulled off all of the broken childproofing latches and gave them a scrub with a wet washcloth. The same goes for the counters. Then I rearranged what was out on the counter by deciding if it was something I use every day. I placed each item close to where it's used. The coffeepot is now near the sink, directly under the cabinet holding the coffee mugs. The toaster is there with it under the plates. I grabbed an empty box to hold things to donate. I expect this will be full by the time I'm done. Everything that didn't belong in that room went into the white "put away" basket. So yep, here it is now.

Oh, and I'm working on getting the dishes in the washer. They're not normally that full. I just had to empty it before I could fill it (which I have now though I didn't take a picture).


Before, Part 2

Pulling Off The Latch

The Donation Box

The Put Away Basket


After. Part 2

After, Part 3

We're gonna get there but it'll take some time. As the turtle would say, "Slow and steady wins the race."

Edit: I was checking out the photos again and just wanted to mention- all of that white on the kitchen floor isn't trash. It's the letter magnets from Am's leapfrog fridge toys. I may have a lot of clutter making a mess but I draw the line at garbage. Dirty dishes get rinsed and set in the sink, trash in the bin, paper in the recycling, linens washed weekly- you get the idea. I have my limits.

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