Sunday, January 17, 2010

What We've Been Up To

So, I skipped a bunch of steps in the daily clean and basically just cleaned the whole apartment except for my room in one morning. Having relatives say they might stay with you might cause something like that. In the end he didn't stay at all so now I have a moderately clean apt with a super cluttered mess of a bedroom. (I keep my door closed.) So yep, I'm still around square one but at least I have a dirt free space to reorganize in.

But Am's sick now. She's caught some sort of cold so I won't be doing any big cleaning projects for a few days. I want to rest and take care of her. I'll pick up the daily photo project again in a week or so, as soon as she's better.

Until then...

Turned my Christmas tree into a seasonal tree until I can find a better one.

Made Waldorf window stars out of recycled tissue paper..

Am made a recycled snowflake using some contact paper & scraps she practiced cutting from junk mail/tissue.

A recycled Waldorf fairy/angel.

I'm on a positive word kick right now, bought this on sale.

Made a recycled cardboard picture frame.

Bought this mini Domo-kun on sale at Target in the toy section.

My dad finally delivered this electric fireplace I bought for like, $2 at an auction. It even works! ...except I'm going to remove the insides and replace them with candles. I only bought it for looks and frankly real fire is better in many ways: for the pyro in me, for the environment, handmade-friendly, locally made beeswax, & it adds warmth to our Waldorf-friendly home. This is certainly my steal of the week.

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