Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time no speaky.

Sorry about that. If you missed the news basically I got a webcam and was wanting to start a vlog. Instead what I've found is that vlogs are even more of a pain in the arse than normal blogs. You still have to write out your ideas just like a normal post. Then you have all of the additional work that goes with presenting them. To a single mom like me- well, let's just say I'm lazy.

Then I was thinking of just going back to posting and you'll never guess what happened!

...If you guessed a portal to hell opened and swallowed my computer you wouldn't be too far off base.

I've been having issues with my interwebs. I got it back up and running before the holiday/s hit. Then I learned something.

I learned that it's not a good idea to forget about the scissors sitting next to your comp while leaving a small child in the same room.

No, she's didn't hurt herself at all but my external floppy drive won't be walking away from this one. It's been trasherized.

In another train of thought the same thing happened to my one and only coffeepot this morning. It leapt across the floor and spontaneously shattered. I'm thinking my recent order for a french press might have been too much for it to take. How senseless. I would have been perfectly happy to have my own little three is company relationship. Well, we all know how temperamental coffee can make us.

Back to the previous week's post, we did celebrate the new year. We played D&D, had my bs'ed version of New Year's food, and it was...


Seriously, it was pretty fun.

Also the LARP practice went well. We'll be heading back for the actual event this Saturday. I have no weapons made yet but that shouldn't stop me. Menards here I come.

Beyond that there isn't much other news off the top of head. I'll be playing around with my webcam a bit more to see if I can't figure out what to talk about. When I do rest assured that you guys will be the... third or fourth to know.

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