Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dye Jobs, The Lazy Way

I forgot to do a photo step by step for this one but hey, the title does say "lazy" right? Happy Tut Tuesday!

1. Decorate your uncooked eggs. I used a few rubber bands but you could use tape, crayon lines, whatever really.

2. Place eggs in an empty saucepan and add your dye material. Feel free to experiment. I was saving up my dry crinkly onion skins for this. You could try coffee, tea- any red or green tea would be especially cool. You can use google for more ideas on natural dye items you might have sitting around.

3. Finish by filling the pot with faucet water and place over medium/high heat.

4. Bring to boil. Turn off your burner & remove the pot. Add a glug of vinegar. (Apple cider vinegar worked fine for me.) Stir. At this point you can carefully add roving or other materials to dye as well if you'd like.

5. Cover and let sit for 18 minutes. Empty the pot. Place eggs under cold running water & carefully remove your wool/random items to dry.

6. Congrats, you've now dyed your stuff the "lazy" way.

Note: You can save your used dye too if you'd like. Just plop it in the freezer and you're good to go! ^^

"Steal your wool? Nooooo, of course I wouldn't do that to you...."

The finished onion dye

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