Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I had meant to post this sooner but it's been a busy day. I slept in (kind of) and the phone's been ringing off the hook. Cooked some lamb ribletts I had marinated. Have to toss them, they taste bad enough to make a meat-lover go veg. I kept imagining I was off in the woods in one of my fantasy novels, eating some tough, gamey predator we had killed- like a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz or something. I dunno, it was gross. In the I gave up and went back to my lazy diet of steamed frozen veggies in the mic (peas tonight) seasoned with organic olive oil, sea salt, & freshly ground pepper. Can't go wrong there.

Anywho, here's what I did today:

Grabbed a bunch of the cardboard boxes I had laying around and whipped up a house.

Recycled some tissue paper, Am helped paint it with starch to make a bowl ala Homemade Serenity.

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